Give us a break Greta

GRETA THUNBERG: Voice of the children.

GRETA THUNBERG: Voice of the children.

TO be quite honest, it does appear to me that the only way we can actually cut all carbon emissions and encourage the eco-protesting mob to go out and get proper jobs, is for us all to go naked and live in caves.

We must also find some alternative to passing wind and insist on raw vegetables becoming our only repast (which could be somewhat counterproductive!). Quite frankly, if it meant getting the precocious and downright disrespectful little brat ‘Greta’ out of our lives, I’d almost be prepared to do just that.

The very sight of this glowering, self-proclaimed, ‘voice of the children,’ is actually enough to make me want to go out and help stoke up a few coal fired boilers! The pure hypocrisy and ignorance of this little twerp really does defy the imagination.

Almost everything today’s kids take completely for granted is responsible for pouring more daily emissions into the atmosphere in a month than our generation produced over the entire length of their young lives.

I notice this young lady hasn’t visited China – the one country that probably should deserve to have grandiose Greta gracing their borders.

This isn’t surprising. Heaven forbid she would want the Chinese conglomerates to take notice of her reprimanding rantings. I mean what on earth would she and her followers do without their mobile phones, PCs, videos, Gameboys and countless other gismos that are manufactured by the biggest emission producer on the planet? Give us all a break Greta. We know you probably mean well, but if the adults, who are undoubtedly manipulating you, are not feathering their nest in some way or another, I’ll stick on a loincloth and join the next marching bunch of time wasters myself.

Purely by chance I’ll be in London for this week’s election. Last time I experienced that situation, Labour won the keys to Number 10 and with Blair’s beady eyes on the oil fields of Iraq, subsequently proceeded to lie and inveigle us into joining the USA in a disastrous Mid-East conflict which still affects us all to this day – including the recent murders on London Bridge!

Before their tenure was up Labour had raided the pension fund, sold off our gold reserves for a pittance and bled the nations coffers dry. Unfortunately memories in this direction are either very short or actually non-existent. Heaven help us all if they get in again.

Delighted to announce I shall be presenting a new radio programme in January of next year. It is on line and airs under the title of ExPat Radio. The programme will be going out live, so what an opportunity that will give everyone to ‘ave a pop!

It’s actually been some 20 years since I regaled the airwaves on a regular basis, so really looking forward to it. I’ll give out all the details nearer the date. Have a good week. Let’s just pray that by the end of it the police and UK security are not under the administrative countenance of Diane Abbott!

Keep the faith, Love Leapy.

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Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.