Katie Price Considering Doing A Bunk To Spain’s Costa Del Sol According To Sources On The Coast

2019 was a bad year for former glamour model Katie Price, and close sources say she is considering moving to the Costa del Sol, where she has always craved to live having visited many times.

Price who was declared bankrupt last year and has now moved out of her ” mucky mansion” as it’s been branded as Bankruptcy trustee’s take control has been reported to be living above a hairdressers shop in a friends flat based in Surrey as she considers her future.

Bankruptcy laws differ in the UK where you can remain bankrupt for different periods of time, the standard time being 12 months but for larger amounts can see an order up to 3 years or more. Whilst you can move to Spain as Freddie Star did and restart your life easier by becoming a Spanish resident and opening bank accounts whilst leasing or purchasing property no problem at without the restrictions of the bankruptcy trustees in the UK.

All this is what Price is according to sources considering as she contemplates leaving the UK for the sunny climates of the Costa del Sol.

Price who keeps in regular contact legendary guitarist and entertainer Ronnie Howells recently told him of her desires to live in Spain and said ” Only recently whilst at a club in Marbella said she was considering the move now”

Meanwhile further reports of sightings of Price have been reported on the Costa del Sol lately but not in the glamour area’s associated with a celebrity of Price’s status such as Puerto Banus but reportedly the La Cala region.

Property agent Gary Adamson of Fuengirola said the chatter between agents is that she’s seeking a 3 bedroom apartment modern but not glamorous, Gary told the Euro Weekly News ” I showed an apartment to a representative just 3 weeks ago by Fuengirola castle, she kept saying Katie would like this and Katie would like that, she even made a phone call to Katie and sent her a video”

Bar owner on Fuengirola sea front Mark Sutherland claimed he had her in for fish and chips recently, Mark who operates the Luna bar an established bar famously known for its delightful fish and chip night said ” I’m sure she was in just last week or so, she had a baseball cap on and wore it low, I’m not a fan by a long chalk but I said that’s Jordan over there or whatever she’s called now, my wife had a peek and said it was, I remained professional serving the table of 6 and didn’t ask, they seemed to want to remain private”

Gossip is rife now along the coast of the Costa del Sol that Price is to arrive, some are big fans and impressed, whilst others lesser so.

Mel Wilkinson said ” Hey she’s made mistakes live and let live I say although I don’t think I would recognise her now anyway, she’s a has been really, but I did like it when she was on page 3″

Diane Tolchard from Torreblanca hills said ” She should stay down Marbella way if she’s coming here, yea I’ve heard all the gossip, but personally I don’t want her around here, she just brings trouble, look at the state of her, banned from driving for driving over the limit, or the other bad behaviour, it’s just like that blonde Eastenders one all over again, stay away I say!”

Brian Smith from Carvajal had a more sinister view ” She’s doing a bunk to Spain, it’s obvious, It’s the talk of the Caribbean bar, every day somebody says they have seen here, but each story differs but my guess she’s bunking to Spain like Freddie Starr did, he was a laugh mind, mixed with everyone down Shaggy’s on the port but I can’t see her doing that can you?”

Only time will tell if the Costa del Sol has a new celebrity resident.