Plane crashes into the sea in Spain’s Canary Islands after suffering engine failure

THE occupants of a plane have miraculously survived after the aircraft they were travelling on crashed into the sea in Spain’s Canary Islands.

As reported by the Maritime Rescue Group, the plane had gotten into great difficulty in the air this morning (January 19) after its engine failed.

The Security Coordination Center (CECOES) had received a notice from air traffic controllers at Gran Canaria airport informing them that a plane was moving out of the radar. Communication with the pilot also reaffirmed that the aircraft was experiencing problems with its engine.

This resulted in the plane plummeting into the waters off the coast of El Altillo in the municipality of Moya. Several witnesses also made calls to the emergency services hotline at the time to report that a plane had dived into the waters.

An emergency search and rescue operation was then mounted by the CECOE at approximately 9.25am with several specialised members of the rescue group and a helicopter being deployed to the sea. However, surprisingly, the two occupants inside the plane were uninjured and had left the aircraft themselves, swimming to the coast.  

Once the occupants were located an ambulance was sent to the scene where it is reported that both individuals were in good health. Firefighters also helped to recover personal belongings that were left inside the plane, that with the force of the tide, was dragged some 20 metres from the shore.

It is understood that the Emergency Rescue Group are now analysing how to remove the plane from the water and the risk of the aircraft’s pollution to marine species in the sea.

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Isha Sesay