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LAWRENCE FOX: His description was brilliant and so true.

I REALLY could not have agreed more with actor Lawrence Fox, when he stated on last week’s Question Time that this whole racism question is becoming decidedly boring. I also loved his description of racist accusers being a bunch of ‘sanctimonious, humorless, preachy victimhood-peddling mediocrities that fill our public spaces.’ Brilliant, and so true.

These people that find racism under every stone are the biggest racists of all. The United Kingdom is not America. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, when I was a lad, we had not even heard the word racism.

When groups like the wonderful Platters, The Drifters, and performers with the talents of Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole came along, we truly never saw colour. All we saw were great artists.

The problems began to arise in the UK when the early black immigrants shied away from integration and began to create their own ‘tribal’ neighbourhoods, thereby setting themselves apart and consequently remaining an unknown and somewhat suspicious entity among the indigenous population.

However, over the years with better education and with later generations becoming more integrated, the British populace has tried its utmost to accept all as equal, and even introduced strict laws of the land to make sure that racial discrimination is in no way tolerated in the country. 

But that simply wasn’t good enough was it. The wingers, who either out of pure hatred or simply looking for excuses, still endeavour to put the blame for a whole multitude of their misfortunes on racism. 

Because many of their accusations are completely unfounded or frivolous, it’s made people angry, actually creating racism where it never before existed. This latest episode concerning the Duchess of Sussex is a typical example.

The British people welcomed this young lady with open arms. Disregarding the despicable trolls, the fact that she was of mixed race was not an issue.

Even the evangelistic  wedding service, which was utterly unfamiliar and unorthodox to most of the British public, was accepted and celebrated as a part of their new royal family member’s heritage.

Even when it became apparent that her main circle of friends – Oprah, Serena Williams, and the Obamas were all black, and she was at loggerheads with her white father, the British public still never harped on about what could easily have be interpreted as her own racist leanings.

But when it all started to go wrong, instead of blaming the fact this selfish and ambitious young lady’s dream of being a princess was not quite the ‘leading role’ she had in mind,  the ‘usual suspects’ all began screaming that she was being forced to make her decisions because of racism!

One accuser actually stated on TV that because she was depicted as the instigator of the Sussex decision to withdraw from the Royal family, it was inferring that all black women were aggressive and manipulating and therefore the insinuations were racist!  No, I’m afraid those who stir up racism at every opportunity are themselves the true problem.  The sooner we lay the blame where it truly belongs, the better.

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Leapy Lee

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