SPAIN is currently being rocked by violence tonight (January 27), as independence protesters caused chaos in front of the buildings that house the Parliament of Catalonia.

The group had converged in the Catalonian capital after the decision was made to strip Quim Torra of his seat in Parliament. Evidently outraged by the news, radicals set up a barricade and used waste containers to block entrance into Plaza Urquinaona, where the protestors then attempted to set cars on fire. 

Streets were blocked by heavy objects with the protestors shouting in unison for there to be justice for Quim Torra.

As Euro Weekly News understands, the violence has led to numerous units from the police and fire brigade to move to the scene, where it is understood that there have already been at least a dozen arrests.  

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Hooded men have blocked streets using waste containers. Credit: Toni Albir.