The mayor of Motril encourages the Asako Cultural Sports Club to continue strengthening and projecting the women's soccer youth academy

Members of the women's soccer Asako Cultural Sports Club of Motril.

The mayor of Motril, Luisa María García Chamorro, together with the mayors of Parties, Events and Youth, Magdalena Banqueri and Alejandro Vilar, attended a routine training of the women’s soccer Asako Cultural Sports Club of Motril last week. This team was the winner of the GÖRANSSON CUP in January, one of the most important football tournaments in the Scandinavian country, and was held in the Swedish city of Sandviken.
The participation of the Motril players in that Swedish tournament was justified by the interest that the team has aroused in Sweden, as well as the training and play of the members of this children’s team. The mayor said she felt proud of the efforts of the players and added that “the women’s soccer youth academy, which will now remain second in its league, is revealing of a powerful and high-level team that will serve as a push to continue promoting basic sport in the municipality”.
García Chamorro highlighted the role that the president and coach of Asako, Salvador Rodríguez Caña, is performing “who one day was committed and personally involved in a project that today is a reality of success and he decidedly bet on women’s football,” said the mayor, who also highlighted the support of all the families of the players.