Mum lists seven-week-old baby son’s symptoms that led to a positive Covid-19 diagnosis

Ken and Toni Rhodes, from Essex, brought their son Curtis to an A&E after he developed a high temperature and a rash while at home. They have urged other parents to bring their child to hospital if they display symptoms.

THE family whose seven-week-old baby son tested positive for coronavirus have urged parents to seek medical attention if their children seem unwell.

Toni Rhodes and her husband Ken revealed how their son Curtis developed a high temperature and began to seem ‘agitated.’

His concerned parents decided to bring him to A&E at a local hospital on Monday when his condition failed to improve.

Doctors told Toni and Ken that their newborn would have to stay in hospital for at least 48 hours while they carried out tests and monitored his condition.

Curtis was given a swab test to see if he had coronavirus and results confirmed he had contracted the infection when they finally arrived on Thursday.

Toni, who lives near Basildon, Essex, recounted their ordeal on social media and has urged other parents to seek urgent medical attention if their children fall ill.

She said on Facebook:

“Can I please ask that this message is shared as much as possible so we can seek and give support to and from others who may have babies that have tested positive or have concerns for their child.

“Curtis did not feed for over 12 hours overnight on Sunday but was very agitated with a different cry to his usual a day or two beforehand.

“He was then very sleepy and not fidgeting in his sleep as he usual does.

“We noticed in the morning he had mottled skin and a red swollen watering eye, very slight cough and sneezing periodically, still very sleepy and not feeding.

“We took him to A&E lunchtime on Monday, he had a borderline temperature and fast heart rate and with everything else they assumed it was sepsis.

“He was put on antibiotics with bloods taken and said we were to stay in for at least 48 hours.

“He was swabbed for corona as they do for everyone that is admitted now but the results take a few days to come back.

“They discharged him on Wednesday after thee antibiotics injections as his observations were fine and he started to show improvements, however we then got the call Thursday since being home to say he tested positive for the virus.

“We are sharing our story to give parents the reassurance that babies can and will be ok. The message is intended to be positive and to raise awareness.”

In an update, Toni also confirmed that she and her husband were showing symptoms of the disease but were unable to confirm this as they were not in hospital to get a test.

“Many people are asking how Curtis got the virus, the truth is how does anyone get it? Ken and I are showing symptoms however have not been and won’t be tested the same as everyone else unless admitted to hospital.”

She added: “Please please please if you think your child is unwell, take them to A&E as you would have if all this hell was not in our lives.

“So many parents could be leaving it too late and are not going to hospital just in case their child does not have the virus but catches it there.”

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Samantha Day


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