Get Over Yourself! Life coaching tips from Dione

A statement that most find hard to digest and become defensive over, yet its something that we all need to do!

Negativity is so easy to spread and whilst we are going through the experience of lockdown and the Coronavirus, people are reacting to fear and frustration, which in turn follows negative behaviour.

As a person, I would like you to take a deep look at yourself and your thoughts, feelings and behaviours over the last week or 2.  If you are on social media, how many times have you voiced your opinion on the Coronavirus, the government or the Lockdown without facts?  What has been the content of your conversations been on social media or with family and friends?  Have you shown anger? have you shared sadness?  Here is where I say, we all need to GET OVER OURSELVES!  You cannot control anything or anyone outside of you, you can only control the emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you attach to the situation.

For example, if by watching the news channel fills you with dread or causes anxiety, turn it off! If you are on social media and all you seem to read is peoples opinions and scaremongering, unfollow them. No-one is telling you, you have to read it. No-one is forcing you to follow or listening to anyone. That choice is totally yours! If it doesn’t serve you, remove it. Stop creating barriers for yourself, stop giving yourself more reasons to feel anxious, angry, sad or any other negative feeling.

Ask yourself what is it I need in MY life to feel happy? What do I need right now to feel positive emotions to get me through this current situation? For me personally, I know I need to be surrounded by like-minded, positive people therefore if you’re not positive, you’re not in my life. Its that simple! This doesn’t mean I’m heartless or nasty, it means I have created realistic barriers to protect my own mental health and I advise you all to do the same.  Do the things that make you smile, create the thoughts that keep you positive and content.  Once you get over yourself and implement these rules, you will live a much more stable and positive life.

If you are the person that posts negative statements on social media, or you voice your non-factual opinions to friends and family, ask yourself what is the real reason you are doing so. I know it’s not to scare everybody, so what is it you actually need? What is your fear and how can you turn that into a positive?

If you would like to dig a little deeper into your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours or you would like to complete one of my courses to live and happy and healthy life with yourself, please email me

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