Holidaymakers to France’s Saint Tropez Will Find New Regulations On It’s Famous Beaches After Lockdown

France’s Saint Tropez Beaches Will Face Tight Regulations After Lockdown in France

WHEN lockdown ends in France and the thousands of holidaymakers eventually arrive to the iconic beaches of St Tropez they will face restrictions unlike before.

At present it’s doubtful that holidaymakers will arrive to their favourite destination of Saint Tropez until June or July and when they do new regulations are likely to be enforced by the French government.

Whilst the beaches in the height of summer are normally packed like sardines as holidaymakers clamour to the golden sands – 2020 will see safe distancing of 6ft apart on the beaches, this will include just not people, but also the positioning of sun beds and tables.

Sunbathers also taking to the sand on their towels including families will also have to be six feet apart from each other.

The fight against the Coronavirus continues in France, but safety is going to be paramount to ensure no re-spread of the deadly virus and also to keep the economy moving after a poor start to the holiday season in France due to the lockdown installed.

The police are preparing to set up beach patrols to ensure the distances are regulated properly and fines will be handed out to offenders up to €100 according to local sources.

Expat residents in Saint Tropez told the Euro Weekly News how they thought it was a good idea:

Michael Walters ex-army Major said “If it gets the economy moving and gets trippers back to our area, then so be it, it will look a little strange I’m sure, but anything is better than having the beaches closed off.

“Well that’s going to be different, that’s for sure but I think it’s a positive step, especially if it assists the traders in the area who rely on the summer trade.”

Pending holidaymakers also expressed their opinion:

“Well it will feel a little strange but there could be an advantage to this, my Mrs is always barking the orders, rub this in, pass me that, so this year we will have to do it ourselves and so I won’t have to do it for her!” Stephen Highfield laughed.

“We go every year and were not looking forward to having to cancel this year as first thought, so if procedures are set so be it, at least we get on the beach for the summer as normal, I take the wife and my son and we take to the sun beds for a solid 10 days, having them spaced out shouldn’t make much difference to us, the lad can just go in the middle,” said football agent Andy Evans.