Update from Broad Daylight Shooting as Man in Marbella is Ruthlessly Assassinated on Costa del Sol’s Golden Mile

Murder in Marbella: Police Block Off Murder Scene Credit: EWN

Today, at 2.00pm, in broad daylight, a man was murdered and shot down on Marbella’s infamous Golden Mile in what can only be presumed to be a murder on behalf of the mafia.

THE victim, who is yet to be identified, was caught by surprise when walking across Calle Arturo Rubinstein, according to sources he was crossed by, a presumed hitman, and shot at various times with a silenced pistol. Sources at the scene say that the hitman was carrying a briefcase and fired at least half a dozen shots at a close range.

This was fatal for the victim who collapsed in the middle of the street and was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency services. Furthermore, the alleged hitman is said to have fled the scene of the crime by escaping in a black car at a very high speed.

According to another eyewitness at the scene, who has provided exclusive images, the police had blocked off the road from any ongoing traffic and their response to the crime was that a man had lost his life. This was probably connected to gang violence as Marbella is infamous for having an issue with mafias. Reporters were also at the scene ready to get the exclusive scoop on the latest murder on Marbella soil.

Murder in Marbella: Police Block Off Murder Scene.
Credit: EWN

The victim, who appeared young, was wearing beige shorts and his body was left on the side of the road, without a body bag or sheet covering his corpse. It also took at least an hour for the removal of the body from the scene.

Marbella is infamous for its murders and its mafias, however, now that lockdown has become more relaxed, officers must be vigilant for a possible vengeance. Murders which involve quarrelling gangs will usually be followed by some sort of retaliation.

Murder in Marbella: Police Block Off Murder Scene.
Credit: EWN
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