In my opinion this is the daftest mask rule yet!

Band wearing masks. Pic: MTC

There is a lot of confusion on all the rules which are being brought in by the many Spanish provinces, this has come about quite simply because the rules are at the moment in a bit of flux
As usual the rumours are flying everywhere before the official declaration is made, and some regions are faster than others to bring out the protocols.
The Balearic island of Majorca has declared their protocols and, for the most part they seem to be pretty much what people have been speculating about.
And it will only be a matter of time before the rules come out from all the regions, I’m pretty sure they will all be the same.
Masks to be worn everywhere even when social distancing is possible,  except when swimming, eating, drinking, at home, in the car with people from the same household or alone, if you have exemption due to health issues, or are under six years old, or, if you play a wind instrument.

Section of the official decree in Majorca. Pic: MTC

That last one got my attention, your exempt if you play a wind instrument, did that mean if you don’t, but are in a band then you do have to wear one?
So I did a bit of digging, and yes its true, on the island of Majorca, Entertainers, have to wear masks, while entertaining.
Musicians, singers, etc., all are obliged to wear masks whilst performing, (unless you play a wind instrument).
Apart from the obvious hinderance to the sound of the vocalist, can you picture say a Flamenco show, in the heat of a Spanish summer, under normal circumstances the participants are soaked in sweat within the first few minutes of the performance, the singing and dancing is extremely hard work, with huge long notes being sung at the top of the singers voice, along with intricate dance moves, all done in heavy costumes.
Now let’s see what happens when you try to do all that with a mask on.
Or the Tribute artiste (of which I am one), doing their show in a mask is tantamount to torture,  In one of my shows I wear a costume that weighs 14kg dry, (its heavily decorated and has to be lined because of the decoration), a thick large heavy wig, and the performance requires serious movement on stage with some very energetic songs that stretch the vocal range.
I can tell you what will happen if I have to wear a mask whilst performing,  it will entail oxygen bottles and vehicles with flashing lights and sirens being in attendance!
Please don’t get me wrong, I really think the whole mask issue has blown out of proportion, for every expert that says it’s a lifesaver, there are experts that will tell you it does more harm than good, to the point now that people just don’t know, so they go with the expert that suits their parameters and ignore the others.
What I will ask is this, as far as entertainers are concerned, they usually perform on a stage, which is a good distance from the audience, (so unless it’s a Johnny Rotten Tribute spitting at the audience), I think the wearing of masks is pointless, in a smaller venue where the singer is much closer to the audience, simply get the entertainer to sit down on a high barstool, therefore limiting the entertainers movement, instead of making them wear a mask.   In the cases where dancing is part of the show, then ring off an area that will allow the movement.
Entertainers wearing masks I would suggest, will be detrimental to the health of the entertainer, and I wouldn’t imagine that any sane person would think otherwise.
Just to round this apparent rant that I’m having off, two more points, the first is children under the age of six are exempt, I get that making a child wear a mask is like trying to herd cats, but are children not the super spreaders, because they easily get the virus, show little or no symptoms, and get over the virus, but in the meantime they have spread it to everyone they touch?
And Lastly, (and I have fact checked this one with three independent professional fact checking services before I would dare put it on here), next time your buying your standard mask, ask the pharmacist to see the box it comes in.  There is a warning on the side of the box which clearly states that this mask will not protect the wearer from the coronavirus Covid-19,  the virus can pass straight through the mask in both directions.
Clearly printed on the side of the ear loop mask box. Pic: MTC

Think on that.
The views in this post are mine, and are not necessarily the views held by The Euro Weekly News.

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