The Importance of You! 

Be your true self!

It is easy to recognise the importance of others, from powerful world leaders to large corporation owners, people that appear to mould and influence the so-called progress and success of mankind. 

However, we underestimate the important and powerful roles ‘we’ can play, we’re all too unaware of the way we can influence others and really make a difference on a daily basis. 

So, how important do you feel and can you make a difference? The answer is very important and yes you can make a difference. But how? Mark Twain once wrote; “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why” 

Many of us spend our lives on the preverbal treadmill of life, trying to get through each day in survival mode, doing the best we can totally unaware of the power we have to influence and change. Once you realise the importance and powerful concept of being yourself, you will realise that any honours, titles and status others may have is not necessarily what counts. What makes the difference is you. Remaining true to yourself. Simply being yourself. 

To understand how important, you are is to firstly know how unique you are. Scientists tell us that the odds of you being born as you, are around 1 in 400 trillion. There is not another person on earth like you, adding significance to your very existence, there is only one of you out of 7.8 billion people living today!! Many of us look up to others even try to emulate them. It is not a bad thing to follow the good examples but to actually try and be anyone different to who you are will only result in you feeling and being second best.

Be your own individual self! You can only act like the person you conceive yourself to be, so hold your head up high, understand that to be you is nothing short of a miracle. The importance of being you is fuelled by being ‘true to yourself’ and therefore being at ease with yourself.  Try not to hold on to what others think of you, this will just inhibit and hold you back from being the genuine you.

Make the choice to let go. Spend less time doing and more time being, take time out to really appreciate who you really are, start being who you really want to be. If you feel there are any changes to be made, make them. This is not only empowering and liberating but can transform you, enabling you to be become less influenced by the actions of others to become more influential. 

Understanding that you are important and stepping into this new powerful role can really make a difference to those around you. A simple smile, a compliment even an act of kindness, could completely change a person’s day or even their life, so why not be that person to influence others. 

Your importance to others counts, it extends to everything you do which becomes a reflection of who you are. It’s not important to be better than anyone else but to progress and become a better version of yourself each and every day. 

The more important you feel, the more credible you feel, so put it to good use. You matter more than you think! Be yourself and above all, “be the change you would like to see in the world” as it starts with you. 

  An unbalanced life and talking badly to yourself is not the way to go

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