Lana Del Rey Admits Screaming On New Album 

Lana Del Rey’s new album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, was once again delayed and she advised fans they should expect a lot of yelling on it.  

THE new material was supposed to be out last Friday and there’s not a new release date yet, but she opened up about it in an interview conversation with producer Jack Antonoff, who was in charge of this news project and her previous album Norman Fucking Rockwell!

The phone interview contains several nuggets about the new album for example we learn that on the song Dealer she screams her head off, she commented: “People don’t know what it sounds like when I yell. And I do yell.” 

Although she spent a lot of time on her poetry and personal life this year, she assures that now is in the home stretch of recording. 

The pop star said: “I’ve been really stressed about this album,” and then added:  “From the top, we knew what Norman was. But with Chemtrails, it was like, ‘Is this new folk? Oh, god, are we going to country?’ Now that it’s done I feel really good about it, and I think a defining moment for this album will be ‘White Dress/Waitress.’” 

“What I like about that song is that for all of its weirdness, when you get to the end of it, you understand exactly what it’s about. I hate when I hear a song that has a great melody, but I have no idea what they’re talking about. In the grunge movement, a lot of the lyrics were super abstract, but the melodies and the tonality were such a vibe that you felt like you knew exactly what the singer was thinking. Nowadays, you get a beautiful melody but you don’t really know what the person is talking about, or if it’s even important to them,” Del Rey explained.

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