Mindset Is Everything

Your mindset determines everything that happens in your life. If you are negative, opinionated, frustrated or anxious, this is what your everyday life will become. If you are positive, passionate, supportive and energetic, this too is what your life will become.

Every human will go through certain challenges in their lives, however, it is how you deal with those challenges that determine your life’s path. A simple change of mindset can help you become your best self. So many people do not realise how valuable mindset is. As Henry Ford famously stated, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”

Every physical aspect of our life is created from our mindset. If you do not learn how to control your mindset, your mindset will control you. If you want a better life, a life that brings you joy, happiness and peace, then you need to start with your thoughts. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teaches you how your thoughts become feelings and your feelings become your behaviours.

For example; It is Monday morning, your alarms starts to ring, you feel the sense of dread. Another day in the office. You begrudgingly get out of bed, with the initial thought of anxiety, not knowing what today will bring, You have created a negative thought and associated Monday morning with negative thoughts and feelings, therefore, your behaviour will mirror that and your day will be a drag!

Now flip this around. You wake up on a Monday morning. You feel energised, ready to take on the day and are excited about what it is you can achieve. You have a natural spring in your step and a smile on your face. Your behaviours will be of a positive nature, therefore, your day will become enjoyable. You are the only person that is responsible for the life you create. No one else is to blame.

Whether you have a boss who is hard work, or a miserable household. No one is forcing you to be anything but you. How YOU choose to react, think, feel and behave is solely your decision. On the 21st of September, I am running a free 5-day masterclass for women only. Here I will teach you How To Set Yourself Free From A Negative Mindset and learn how to live the life you desire. Are you ready to take responsibility or are you prepared to stay exactly where you are today?

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