Phone rage: Teenager arrested for attacking her mother after she disconnected the internet

Police receive unbelievable call from woman and tell her not to phone back

She was told not to call back CREDIT: Pexels

A teenager in Malaga has been arrested for attacking her mother in a fit of rage after she disconnected the internet, stopping her from using it on her phone.

A MOTHER, who had become impatient with her 15-year-old daughter’s excessive phone use, decided to disconnect the internet causing a violent scene at their home in Malaga.

The teenager became angry after her mother pulled out the router preventing her from using her phone after midnight.

After the young girl threatened to leave the house, the mother blocked her path causing the teenager to insult her and knock her to the floor, before eventually leaving the house at 4am.

Police were called to the scene after being alerted about the disturbance.

When the girl finally came back to the house, police tried to speak to her but she was uncooperative.

Once the police officers decided that the scene was calm enough to leave, officers departed, only to be summoned back again after receiving a phone call from the distressed mother.

The phone call from the mother indicated that the teenager had become “very aggressive and [she] was afraid that [the daughter] would hit her again.”

Upon returning the house again, officers ascertained that the daughter was not going to calm down and the only way to resolve the immediate danger to the mother was to arrest the girl.

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