UK set to become greener by 2030

UK set to become greener by 2030. This on-going topic of whether or not petrol and diesel cars should be banned is a controversial one. Banning petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Banning petrol and diesel cars being sold was originally set for 2040. However the Government have now decided to bring it forward ten years, a full decade. Therefore, attempting to reach their goal of cutting down carbon emissions by 2050.

As global warming worsens, countries have had to take initiative and properly address their actions. PM Boris Johnson disclosing that 2020 would be the year they need to focus on climate change and make smarter decisions.

The motoring industry are very reserved about the issue, as the Government have moved the deadline several times. Motor businesses now have a sell-by-date for their diesel and petrol cars. As the world is forever revolutionising, the UK are risking being one of the last places to be greener.

Nevertheless, if the Government does decide to bring forward the date they may still be able to reach their target of cutting down gas emissions to almost zero by 2050. Many built-up areas in the UK have a concerning amount of toxic pollution.

There are still around 8.5million diesel and petrol vehicles currently on the roads completely over the legal limit of gases. When the ban is eventually in action people will still be able to drive their cars in Britain but new models will be affected.

Bans just like this law are becoming more apparent all over the world. Hence making it more complicated for people if they are driving a ‘normal’ diesel or petrol call.

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