Set Yourself Free From A Negative Mindset

Last week, I spoke of the 60,000 thoughts we have in a day, how thoughts play a huge part in our lives, and I also shared a technique on how to listen to the thoughts that are constantly going around in your mind. Know you are aware of how to listen to your thoughts, I thought it would be a really good idea, to complete the whole mindset sequence for all of my readers.

Acknowledging You Thoughts

Once you truly listen to your thoughts, it’s now the time to acknowledge them. It’s so easy to brush any form of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours under the carpet, however, there will be a time when the carpet can no longer cover them! Your initial reaction may be to fight the thought, in the hope it will disappear. It may do for a short period of time, but something will always happen to trigger the thought at a later day. The best way to deal with any negative thoughts is to embrace its presence, and discover what it is trying to teach you.

Helpful thoughts vs, Unhelpful thoughts

Our ego likes to play tricks on us. When you think of a negative thought, your ego will create a scenario that you believe to be your reality. It feels as real as your physical being. You will then create a feeling and behaviour that matches the thought. For example, fear, anger, hurt or frustration. To enable you to understand if your thought is real; grab a pen and paper, and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write HELPFUL THOUGHTS, and on the right, write UNHELPFUL THOUGHTS.

An example of helpful thoughts are, I am loved, I am a good parent, I am great at my job. An example of unhelpful thoughts are, I am fat, I am not good enough, I am a rubbish parent.

Once you have written your lists, go back to your unhelpful thoughts, and next to each one, ask your self out loud, What Physical evidence do I have to make these thoughts real. Once you establish there are no facts to this thought, choose to let it go.

Next week, I will be continuing the set yourself free from a negative mind set sequence and will be writing about, understanding your triggers.

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