A-level exams delayed!

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A-level exams delayed! Coronavirus has not only disrupted economy, but also the academic year of many students. A-level students have been directly affected by coronavirus as no students were able to attend school, let alone sit exams.

There will be a delay of the A-level exams by three-weeks next year in a bid to help the students catch up. It has been determined that exams are continuing after a complicated summer, due to this horrific virus. The exam marking from this year has been dreadful, as the marking system left each paper being downgraded.

After many opposing views from parents, children and teachers discussing the idea of completely ridding the exams for this next year. However, Downing Street have insisted to go forward with the examinations. Nevertheless, the exams will take place in the middle of July. Meanwhile the papers will have to get a mark rapidly, in an attempt to send them off before the university term starts in 2021.

There have been discussions from a previous Education Secretary, explaining not all children have access to certain learning accessories. For example, not all students or families own a laptop, an iPad and a tablet. In fact, it could be seen as unfair for the disadvantaged students as they cannot help their situation.

Nonetheless exams will proceed next year, and students will sit the exams to show their educational capabilities. However, the examiners and markers will be taking into account the extensive interruption to the student’s education.

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