Should brits in the EU worry?

Should brits in the EU worry? Worry sparks for British in Europe as the UK government have caused issues with Brussels.

The UK government have now admitted they are willing to break the rules. For instance, they want to stretch some parts of the Withdrawal Agreement. The Withdrawal Agreement is the exit of Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union. Brussels has explained their frustration and anger with the UK. Meanwhile Brits living abroad to worry about what could happen if they anger the EU.

By December 31st 2020, the British that are permanent residents any EU country can remain there with no issues. However, if Brits are non-residents it will affect them and possibly mean they will have to return to the UK. Most Brits living in the EU will have to have some sort of residency, as it is essential.

The argument between Brussels and the UK is making people feel very uneasy. With that being said, Brussels could fight the case! In addition, they could say the residency document is not enough for the British to live in the EU. There have been non-stop questions about the topic itself. To clarify, people are unsure about what they can do to prevent their return to the UK.

The United Kingdom are trying to show their power, to prove they do not need the EU. Meanwhile Brexit needs to be reviewed and possibly finalised by the EU and UK before any issues are resolved outside of a joint committee.

It has become apparent that there are many people who disagree with the splitting of the UK from the EU as they think it will affect their living areas, jobs and possibly travel opportunities. During the await of the decision there will be cases where people are only asking for EU passport holders for jobs or as renters as they need to think about the long-term possibilities.

To conclude, British shouldn’t have too many problems regarding the arguments between certain EU countries and the UK as the rights have and will be set in place. If Brits have homes abroad and hold a resident document this means there should be no need to return to their home country.

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