Breaking News – Vaccine developed by Oxford University builds strong immunity

THE coronavirus vaccine being developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca “works perfectly” and builds strong immunity, a study has said.

The team at the university are thought to be the frontrunners in the race to produce a safe vaccine.

In early trials, it has been shown to safely trigger an immune response in volunteers.

Usually, vaccines use a weakened virus or small amounts of it, but the innovative Oxford jab causes the body to make part of the virus itself.

Researchers led by the University of Bristol have now found this new technique works for the coronavirus.

The study used cells in the lab and found the vaccine delivers instructions for the Covid protein, which cells then copy thousands of times to produce it in large amounts.’

Dr David Matthews, from Bristol’s School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM), who led the research, said, “Until now, the technology hasn’t been able to provide answers with such clarity, but we now know the vaccine is doing everything we expected and that is only good news in our fight against the illness.”

Sarah Gilbert, who leads the Oxford University vaccine trial, said, “The study confirms that large amounts of the coronavirus spike protein are produced with great accuracy, and this goes a long way to explaining the success of the vaccine in inducing a strong immune response.”

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    • Michael Walsh

      23 October 2020 • 14:31

      No mention of the death by the vaccine of the Brazilian…. or the deaths of up to 50 deaths by the vaccine in China?

      • John

        24 October 2020 • 02:00

        Do you know that it was the exact same vaccine in all cases?

    • vincent backhouse

      23 October 2020 • 21:27

      Don’t worry folks, Agenda 21 will save us all.

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