A step in the right direction

THIS year’s resolution should be for the white populace to declare they are utterly fed up from receiving all the unwarranted racism and prejudice they have been subjected to over the past year.

Why is it only white people who can be racist? If even a small number of the accusations levelled at the whites had been used by Caucasians against non-whites there would have been ‘offended’ demonstrations and a multitude of court proceedings that would probably have resulted in years of litigation. There really are far too many examples to go into.

We have been accused of glorifying slavery – totally ignoring the fact that thousands of white lives were lost in the battles to abolish it – we’ve had our statues and culture attacked, with almost no retribution whatsoever; gone to unprecedented lengths to encourage diversity and still the non-white populace continues to voice their discontent at the way they are ‘treated.’

A recent piece on SKY News actually for me took the whole tin. The subject they were airing introduced a number of black ladies complaining they weren’t allowed to wear their hair in a ‘natural’ way. They insisted that the reason they straightened it or wore wigs was because they were not welcomed into white society or work places with ‘afro’ styles. What a load of complete racist codswallop. Black ladies have been straightening their hair for years.

Either because far more styles can be achieved or it’s more convenient, or purely because it enables them to actually get a comb or a brush through it! As the father of three daughters who have inherited afro hair and spent most of their lives attempting to straighten and control it, I do think I speak with some authority on the subject!

Being made to feel ashamed to be white, has invoked such conscience stirring in the UK it has resulted in totally disproportionate reactions from the white population, especially those of the ‘woke’ genre. Despite black people making up a mere 17 per cent of UK citizens, they are now witnessing unprecedented over exposure of black TV commercials, black pundits, black news people, black voice overs and black ‘experts.’

The programme I mentioned on SKY earlier went on for a full half an hour. I have NEVER seen Sky turn its newsroom over for this length of time on such an inconsequential subject. The woman who made a final comment on this marathon piece rather summed it all up for me.

She ironically complained that black people were ‘under- represented in the media!’ The mind boggles. This culture explosion is having a completely reversed effect on British society opinion. The indigenous white majority are seeing all their sincere efforts to overcome diversity now being destabilised by these utterly ill-advised and over the top acts of appeasement.

The UK is not the USA and a simple recognition, or show of approval from ethnic recipients of the well intentioned efforts of the majority would be a far more positive step in the right direction.

Keep the Faith. 
Love Leapy    
[email protected]   

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.

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Written by

Leapy Lee

Leapy Lee's opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors. Share your story with us by emailing [email protected], by calling +34 951 38 61 61 or by messaging our Facebook page www.facebook.com/EuroWeeklyNews


    • edgar wright

      21 January 2021 • 11:42

      I hope the truth hurts some, a friend of mine came to visit me in Spain and while we were watching British TV, he made a comment, the UK population must be almost all black people now, looking at the avertising on tv, he said it felt like he was back in South Africa, my reply was, affirmative action or something like that.


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