Huelin Police Arrested Man Trying to Burn Down Building

POLICE in Huelin have arrested a man allegedly trying to burn down a building.

Officers from the Local Police arrested the man after he tried to burn down the building in Huelin.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, officers received reports that there was a young man who was moving containers and placing them in the middle of the road, as well as putting one of them near a Huelin block of flats.
A patrol came out to the area, but the suspect was no longer there. They interviewed neighbours, who explained that the young man had been threatening people who reside in the building. Apparently he had been shouting, “I’m going to set the block on fire.”
Local policemen investigated to locate the suspect and neighbours gave them a description of him as being a slim young man, dressed in dark clothes and driving on a scooter.
Officers were unable to find the man, however an agent later saw the suspect in the area as he was returning home from work.
His description reportedly matched the one witnesses had given him and he was trying to put a garbage container near the same building. The officer called police but the man left before they arrived.
The man later set light to the bin near the apartment block and police were able to identity and arrest him after one resident told police she knew him.
She said he had appeared at her house, before trying to force his way and gave police his name.
Officers went to the house of the 30-year-old Spanish man before arresting him.