The Cryptocurrency "JOB" from Jobchain – Why It is a Big Deal

Jose Bay, Founder & CEO of JobChain

Jose Bay, Founder & CEO of JobChain

Jobchain, a multi-functional blockchain platform has given light to the importance of making use of cryptocurrency throughout the workplace. In light of the recent success crypto has received across global markets, Jobchain is a digital platform that allows any person, from anywhere in the world to come in contact with a potential employer. Jobchain gives those without access to suitable banking accounts or social security the ability to receive salary payments with “JOB” Jobchain’s native cryptocurrency.
The introduction of cryptocurrency in the workplace isn’t something new. Making use of a decentralized platform for employers and employees to send and receive payments, pay for products and services, and allow for the introduction of safer and decentralized banking for people across the world.

Who is Jobchain?

Founded by Jose Bay in 2019, Jobchain has become an internationally award-winning platform that allows job seekers to come in contact with employers who can offer salary payments via cryptocurrency. Since its introduction, Jobchain has received multiple international awards and recognition, allowing people in remote areas across the world to come in contact with potential employers.

Jobchain has now made it even more possible for millions of people to:

  • Equal access to work opportunities
  • Focus on receiving monthly salaries via crypto instead of traditional cash;
  • Allowing them equal access to the global financial markets;
  • Mitigating the use of centralized banks for transactions and social security.

Jobchain is now a multi-layered firm that has become a forward-thinking platform that can lead nearly 1700M people to find job opportunities and assist them to understand the importance of future jobs.

What’s the big deal around JOB?

JOBs as already mentioned is a native coin designed and launched by Jobchain. JOB has recently made it to be classified among some of the world’s most leading crypto coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Chilliz (CHZ), and even Bitcoin (BTC). Current projections and analyses have revealed that JOB is on the fast track to being in line with Ethereum.
This growth means that JOB can perhaps become one of the most advanced blockchain technologies of our time. Moreover, JOB is currently listed in the Bittrex exchange. This top-tier crypt exchange is simply one of the small caveats JOB and Jobchain have achieved in recent months.

Why should you trust JOB?

Although JOB is relatively young and new to the global market, a recent review of 2020 growth revealed that JOB was one of only a few cryptos that increased predominantly in value. JOB has proven time and time again to be a stable crypto, that is suitable for trade, paying for goods and services, or even making it your company’s mode of payment.

How safe is JOB?

Because Jobchain has a reputable reputation with major companies and organizations across the world, leading industries are now looking into using cryptocurrency such as JOB as its foremost method of paying employees. Jobchain has undergone multiple changes in the last few years, all to establish a firm foundation on which JOB can be fully trusted and supported by the market. JOB has been undergoing some positive growth in the market compared to other leading cryptos, but still carries some of the greatest potentials in the current market valuation.

Why make use of Jobchain and JOB?

Using more decentralized blockchain platforms such as Jobchain means that more and more people can become financially stable and partake in the global economy. National trade and policies have limited people in conducting international trade and business.

Jobchain and JOB is desirable for those looking:

  • To have more financial freedom, and move away from government and privately controlled financial institutions;
  • Constantly grow their market influence and value using JOB crypto to pay for goods and other services;
  • Have 24/7 access to a blockchain platform that allows for safe and efficient transactions;
  • Save on banking and transactions fees;
  • Have more control over the financial growth of your Jobchain Wallet.

JOB is allowing more and more people to have equal access to a financial world that isn’t controlled or sanctioned by national government laws and regulations. Jobchain offers a viable solution to millions of employers and hundreds of businesses across the world, opting to create an equal playing field for remote job seekers.

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