Fines Issued up to €6,000 for Incorrect Licence Plates

Fines Issued up to €6,000 for Incorrect Licence Plates

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FINES issued up to €6,000 for incorrect licence plates in Spain. The licence plate of the car or any other vehicle is one of the structural elements that must be taken care of the most. Useful for any type of identification, the motor ID is exclusive and its falsification, manipulation or deterioration is synonymous with a hefty fine. For this reason, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has sent a reminder to all those who forget to look after their licence plate or try to deceive the law.

As if it were the mirrors, exhaust pipe or the steering, the licence plate of a vehicle must be in perfect condition for proper circulation. This is stipulated by all the European Traffic authorities and in Spain, the DGT tries to enforce this regulation and record it so that confusion with numbers or letters is not generated. The error in the typology is a crime that can go unnoticed by drivers but not by officers. With fines of €200, the police can arrest any vehicle whose licence plate has errors in any of its data. There is also a penalty of €200 for carrying an item that covers or hinders the correct view of the licence plates.

As reported by Malaga Hoy, what is considered much more serious is “documentary forgery” is the act of manipulating the identification. A penalty that can reach up to €6,000 for not carrying the correct licence plate, an illegal one or one of another vehicle to try to avoid other fines, can be accompanied by six points on the driving licence and up to six months to three years in jail. “Check your vehicle”, says the DGT in an attempt to remind people of one of the most basic driving rules.


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