Ex-Boyfriend of Missing Teenager in Sevilla Confesses to Killing Her

Ex-Boyfriend of Missing Teenager in Sevilla Confesses to Killing Her

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THE EX-BOYFRIEND of Rocío Caíz Pozo, the 17-year-old girl who disappeared on June 3 in Martín de la Jara, Sevilla, has confessed to the Guardia Civil that he killed her on the same day she disappeared and dismembered her, throwing her remains at various areas of the Estepa municipality.

As reported by Andalucia Informacion, the young man has appeared this Thursday afternoon at the Estepa Guardia Civil barracks and has declared that he killed the young woman the same day she disappeared, to later dispose of the body. Before the officers, the 23-year-old Romanian national has confessed that he killed Rocío the same night that she had allegedly slept at home, with a knife that he threw into a container and that could not be located. In addition, he has specified that he dismembered the body and threw bags with the remains in various places on the outskirts of the town, and then went home to sleep.

In the morning, Rocío’s mother called her because she could not locate her and told her that she had spent the night there, but that when she woke up she had left and did not know where she was. Ana, a sister of the deceased, received a message allegedly sent by Rocío in which she told her that she had left for the province of Badajoz with a young man she had met months before, and asked that her ex-boyfriend take care of their son. Rocío’s family never believed that this message was sent by the young woman, and suspected that her Facebook profile password had been stolen since her mobile was turned off, but the private message window of the social media network was active.

The minor had met her ex-boyfriend when she was 11 years old and he was 16 years old, and she became pregnant at 16. She broke off the relationship with him four months ago. Last Thursday, June 3, she decided to go to her ex-boyfriend’s house to find a stroller for the baby in her town, Martín de la Jara, 28 kilometres from Estepa, in a taxi paid for by the ex-partner and sadly that was the last time she was seen alive.

Young Rocío Caíz is the 18th victim of gender violence in Spain and her 4-month-old son, the seventh orphan for the same reason so far this year, according to sources from the Ministry of Equality.

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