Brit tourist’s tattoo upsets Benidorm police

Welsh tourist in bother with Benidorm police

Image of police vehicle. Credit: PoliciaNacional/X

A British tourist on holiday in Benidorm found himself on the wrong side of the police because of a 20 year old tattoo displayed on his torso.

On a recent holiday in Benidorm, Richard Hart, a 60-year-old retired bar owner from South Wales, had  an unwelcome encounter with the Spanish police due to an X-rated tattoo covering his abdomen.

‘I was in Benidorm and it was boiling hot, I took my top off and two police came and told me to cover up or they would handcuff me,’ Hart revealed.

Unexpected run-in

Hart’s tattoo, inked twenty years ago to mark his 40th birthday, features a large naked woman with her legs spread, using his navel to represent an intimate part of the female anatomy

This bold design stretches from his chest down to the lower end of his torso. ‘If they gave me a pound for every guy who asked me to take a photo with her, I would be a very rich man,’ Hart commented to Wales Online.

Despite the artistic intent, this piece of body art led to a heated exchange when temperatures soared and Hart chose to walk shirtless through the city.

Cultural clash and compliance

The Spanish police promptly informed Hart that he must cover up the tattoo or face arrest. ‘We got into a bit of an argument – I had to wear a t-shirt for the rest of the holiday,’

Hart expressed his frustration over the incident. He admits to keeping the tattoo hidden from his grandchildren, acknowledging it’s for adults-only .

This incident highlights the varying cultural norms and legal expectations that tourists may encounter abroad.

While Hart’s tattoo is a personal expression of which he says, ‘the reaction to it varies, it’s either shock, horror, or laughter.’

On this occasion it clashed with local standards in Benidorm, prompting a reminder of the importance of understanding and respecting regional sensitivities while travelling abroad.

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Written by

John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.


    • John McLean

      07 May 2024 • 08:11

      So he keeps it hidden from his own grandchildren but doesn’t care about anyone else’s. Very thoughtful of him.

    • Flabsquab

      07 May 2024 • 09:56

      I think that tattoo would be offensive in most countries, it sounds dreadful. What must the person who has it be like for heaven’s sake? Wow his family must be really proud of him,

    • Red

      07 May 2024 • 10:02

      The guy is a thoughtless tw*t. If I had kids and saw him I’d tell him to cover up too. Should have been arrested anyway.

    • Dave Martin

      07 May 2024 • 11:36

      Re HART’S TATTOO …a classic use of the expression… ‘WHEN IN ROME’..

    • Sara Martin

      07 May 2024 • 11:50

      Tourists walking around town with their shirts off and sitting in restaurants is gross and unhygenic in general.

    • Montyswiper

      07 May 2024 • 12:57

      Typical of the type of Brits we locals have to encounter and who give other Brits a bad name. Going shirtless around town shows a complete lack of class. Tacky.

      • Flabsquab

        07 May 2024 • 13:33

        Entirely agree Monty, I wonder, as he’s Welsh could it be that he as evolved not quite so far as other Brits.

    • Tony

      07 May 2024 • 13:43

      What a total scum bag! Keeps it away from his grandchildren but doesn’t care how other people feel about it. Go back home, you’re not wanted here!!!!

    • Concha

      07 May 2024 • 23:30

      Basically, neither men nor women can parade around topless in Spain! It is the law that anyone topless or in beachwear, i.e. bikinis or trunks, can and will be fined for indecency in Spain. Many northern Europeans, Brits included, do not have any idea whet it was like under Franco and the Roman Catholic Church: obedience was demanded “hasta la cama!”!!! While many things in Spain have relaxed, nakedness is still not permitted and you can and will be fined, male or female.

    • Anne Hetherington

      08 May 2024 • 00:01

      Good for our Policia , disgusting display that he seems to want to flaunt. Fine him.

    • Ray

      08 May 2024 • 09:32

      How pathetic of him. Did he think this was/is acceptable to the majority of people? Or was it simply he was attention seeking in the most disgusting manner. A huge well done to the police.

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