Drug effective against Alzheimer’s being trialled on patients in Sevilla

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DRUG effective against Alzheimer’s being trialled on patients in Sevilla. Eleven patients from the Victoria Eugenia Hospital in Sevilla participate in a clinical trial of a drug against Alzheimer’s that modifies the evolution of the disease, unlike current treatments that are purely symptomatic, which has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA).

As reported by Andalucia Informacion, in a statement, the Sevillian hospital has reported that it is a drug called ‘Aducanumab’, which is the first drug approved by the FDA, and that it has been shown “to cleanse the brain of these pathological amyloid proteins – Alzheimer’s disease it is characterized by the accumulation of amyloid plaques in the brain – with a notable impact on the clinical improvement of patients”. It is an intravenous treatment and patients receive a monthly dose which is well tolerated since its mission is to eliminate that potentially toxic protein called beta-amyloid that is abnormally deposited in the brain.

This new drug “represents a before and after in the way of approaching this disease and above all a way of hope for patients and their families”, as explained by the director of the Neuroscience Service of the Victoria Eugenia Hospital, Felix Viñuela. She added that it implies “a great challenge for professionals since it is a complex treatment both in the logistics of the administration and in the previous procedures that must be performed on all candidates for said treatment.”

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the most initial phases of the disease, whether in the phase of mild cognitive impairment or in the phase of mild dementia, recalls Viñuela, which specifies that in mild cognitive impairment “there is an objective memory impairment but the patients do not have any functional repercussions, since they continue to carry out all their daily activities, including the most complex ones such as handling financial matters or continuing to work”.

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