Benigna Parfums Dazzles With Craftsmanship And Sustainable Fragrances

The inspirational luxury fragrance brand, Benigna Parfums, is on a mission to captivate the world with their unique fusion of artistry and storytelling.

In a world heavily driven by our senses, the way we smell has always felt important. Most likely at one point or another, we all ventured to track down a signature scent to stand out from the masses. While the shift from heavily gendered fragrances towards a more gender neutral scent space may still be in its infancy, the movement has seen support from big names. Gone are the days when florals were reserved exclusively for women and musk for men.

Unisex fragrances recognizes the fact that scent is not something that has a gender. Preferring to strike a tantalizing balance between masculine and feminne notes, gender neutral perfumes are redefining what scent means to the modern individual.

In 2020 the Benigna Parfums debuted its Floral Trio Collection made from precious and rare ingredients, including oud oil and orris butter. While conventional perfumers may use synthetic versions of these ingredients, Benigna Parfums steers clear of artificial scents and synthetic ingredients.

The Floral Trio Collection: Teeming with Craftsmanship and Precision

The finest rare raw materials are selected to craft these long-lasting fragrances. Making use of a special method to extract the precious ingredients, the resulting perfume has incomparable depth and body, and can be worn alone or layered to create endless possibilities for blending and experimentation. These gender neutral fragrances tell a different story on everyone’s skin. Each fragrance is bottled in a diamond faceted crystal bottle.

Benigna Absolute Celebration

This bright, fruity floral is designed to celebrate driving ambition and optimism. Crafted as a reward for those who work hard to achieve their dreams. This heady fragrance contains a delicate blend of Bulgarian Rose, Orris, Ambergris, Oud and Fresh Peach. Neroli Essence provides effortless brightness to the fragrance, introducing subtle undertones of honey and orange that blend perfectly with Vanilla and the woody notes of Crystalline Musk and Sandalwood of the fragrance.

Benigna Escape Velocity

This heady, fresh floral embodies the energy of creativity. The dramatic notes of White Rose, Bulgarian Rose and Orris Butter are given a citrussy lift from Lemon and Bergamot while Sheer Musk, Heliotrope and Resinous Woods adds a modern, sophisticated and fresh layer of base notes, overlaid with delicate fruity top notes. This bold, confident fragrance is created with new experiences in mind.

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Benigna Premier Armour

A sweet gourmand floral that embodies the power of enduring love and unbridled passion. The lush bouquet of Tuberose and Heliotrope gets lifted with citrus notes of Bergamot and Tonka Bean. Clove and Rare Woods add depth to the fragrance.

Tastefully Sustainable: A brand good for your lifestyle and the planet

Due to a special manufacturing process, crystal is not recycled in the same manner as glass. This innovative and eco-friendly approach of the brand dictated that the bottles should be refillable and reusable, turning them into a keepsake that can be passed down to future generations.

“For me, every single little detail matters, not just the precious liquid inside the bottle. I was focused on the craftsmanship, the materials, and the intricately detailed design of the bottle. I wanted the reflective angles of the bottle to be highlighted and the top view of the bottles to mimic that of an airplane’s wings, which was very important to me as it touched on another passion in my life, airplanes.” Benigna Ajuogu explains. Using specially engineered crystal materials for the bottles not only makes Benigna Parfums a feast for the eyes, but also delightfully sustainable. She continues: “I was adamant about keeping the diamond shape because it symbolizes purity, perfection, harmony, creativity, and strength, representing my core values.”

The prestigious brand and it’s storytelling can have even taken to Hollywood! The movie titled, Impossibly Nonexistent,was inspired by the three-year journey Benigna underwent to create her signature perfume collection. Integrating true-life with fiction the plot revolves around a female protagonist on a mission to produce the most exquisite fragrance ever, but the formula is stolen by her rival.

Impossibly Nonexistent is expected to make quite a stir in the film community for its enlightening and inspirational story. It touches on numerous relevant issues, giving the lead role in an action movie to a female actress of color the film will serve as a great example for the industry to take note of.

Now that Benigna Parfums is also available to European retailers – this could be one American brand to watch closely in the next few months.

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