Top Business Structures For Different Countries Explored

According to research, a business structure may be assumed to be an integral part of developing a successful and seamless establishment. According to the US Small Business Administration, entrepreneurs and future business owners should potentially choose a business structure that has the ability to influence every part of an organization, from daily tasks to even managing taxes and personal assets. Across the US, there are many popular business structures that have the potential to grant business owners a good balance of legal security and business advantages.

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US Business Structures

The US business sector may be assumed to be primarily made of formal business structures, each business may have different requirements for legal demands or business organization essentials, and has the potential to offer various benefits and privileges according to what aspiring entrepreneurs may opt for, depending on which would be most suitable for their needs to develop their respective establishments formally.

Sole Proprietorships

A sole proprietorship could potentially seem like the simplest business structure that comprises a single individual entrepreneur who owns and operates the entire business. This specific business structure may be ideal for business owners looking to work alone and require minimal tax aspects since the expenses and income from the company are incorporated into a personal income tax return.


Partnerships may be formally described as two or more entrepreneurs establishing a business venture together; this structure could allow entrepreneurs to own and operate any specific business with extra help, additional skills, and expertise, together with a reduced financial responsibility. Partnership business structures are further broken down into a few different types and much like sole proprietorships, this business structure also enables pass-through taxation advantages.


Corporations are independent legal entities that potentially have an unlimited lifespan. This type of business structure could probably allow for the most substantial protection from personal liability as well as limited liability flexibility. More than one business owner usually runs a corporation; however, this type of company is likely to be taxed as a business entity; therefore, each owner’s personal income has the probability of being taxed.

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies

Limited liability companies may be explained as a business structure that includes a combination of advantages from sole proprietorships, corporations, and partnerships.  LLCs are usually owned by more than one entrepreneur; these business owners potentially have shared tax responsibilities, liability protection, and no responsibility for business debt. This structure may possibly be an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of a mixture of business structures.

Exploring Business Structures in Different US Countries

For entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the US, it may be considered to understand which types of structures thrive in which specific US country. Choosing the most appropriate possible system could depend on the environment an entrepreneur is looking to develop in. Although there are several options, the most suitable potential choice depends on the country of development and the most appropriate business requirements.


According to research, it may be assumed that the two most popular structures of business in Argentina are limited liability companies (“Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”) and the corporation (“Sociedad Anónima”). These two structures seem to offer the most favorable and legal benefits for businesses looking to thrive in the Argentinian environment.


One of Brazil’s most prevalent business legal entities is the Brazilian Limited Liability Company (“Sociedade de responsabilidade limitada”). This structure resembles a US LLC and follows all regulations accordingly.


Sole proprietorships in Canada seem to be the most affordable structure for businesses; this structure allows for sole ownership and business tax regulation in accordance with the law of the Canadian Revenue Agency

Benefits of Organizational Business Structures

Business structures have the potential ability to define a small business operation from a thriving business. With organizational structure, any growing company has the opportunity to develop with good managerial authority and formal order. Smaller entrepreneurs could possibly gain advantage from establishing formal structure since organizational formations have the capacity to improve operational productivity and efficiency.

Entrepreneurs from world powers, like Europe, may potentially consider the US to be a favorable environment to develop a formal business structure. Since the US offers various  business structures, there may be considerable opportunity for owners to legally develop their business in a business sector that allows for legal protection as well as numerous advantages for various types of establishments.

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