The best mattress shop in Fuengirola for a restful sleep

best mattress shop fuengirola

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A good mattress offers the perfect balance between the required comfort and support, keeping the natural spinal alignment and body posture in place, significantly enhancing the quality of sleep. A mattress is a big investment and one that is important to get right, so which is the best mattress shop in Fuengirola to provide you with a restful and comfortable sleep?

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, 92 per cent of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep. So, the Euro Weekly News has taken a look at the best mattress shop in Fuengirola that can provide you maximum comfort and support, as well as help with many ailments, aches and pains.

How important is rest and rest equipment?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping – surprising, right? This shows you how important rest is to our everyday lives and overall health. If you have slept well, you wake up feeling and looking better, with more energy and better brain function.

At Micolchon, the team will look for your ideal rest equipment, the ideal one for your physiognomy, your age, your health, and the use you are going to give it. Sleeping with a partner is not the same as sleeping alone. Nor is the mattress you are going to buy for a second home the same as the one you want for daily use… There are many aspects to take into account when buying your rest equipment, but Micolchon is here to help you!

Mattresses at Micolchon, Furengirola

Unlike other businesses, the knowledgeable team at this premium family-run chain of shops provides personalised advice from Mattressologists® for every person and every need. With a choice of brands and textures, get advice from the team at Micolchon and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, knowing that you have the right mattress for your requirements.

The services at Micolchon are unique and practical, including free transport, assembly and removal of used mattresses, 25 years warranty on mattresses and 101 trial nights at their exclusive Nessen firm – plus many other guarantees so that you can have peace of mind that you have purchased the right product for you.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

Rolled mattresses Vs inflatable mattresses

A rolled mattress is simply a vacuum-packed mattress. Of course, they are normally technical foam mattresses, since mid-range or high-end mattresses could not have this treatment because they have a greater number of layers of material, meaning they would warp. Rolled mattresses are cheaper because their packaging saves space and saves on transport and, because they are not very elaborate or complex products, they have few layers of material. Of course, they are very useful for unexpected visits, extra beds, folding beds or for the lower parts of a kangaroo or nest bed, which usually have a more exceptional use.

Micolchon does not offer inflatable mattresses because they are products that do not meet the needs of quality rest. Inflatable mattresses are usually imported and for very sporadic use, whereas Micolchon provides you will a mattress that will give you the comfort and support you need for over 25 years – guaranteed.

The team at Micolchon are experts in all types of mattresses and mattress specialists for your rest. You can purchase mattresses online and select from a wide variety of brands and textures.

Micolchon are specialists in viscoelastic mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, Tempur mattresses, new technology mattresses, among many other types of mattresses – in short, they provide the widest range of mattresses in Fuengirola.

Micolchon offers all market measures from 90cm to 200cm, textures and comfort as well as mattresses from the best brands including Tempur, Nessen, Relax, Sealy and Flex.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

Viscoelastic mattresses

At MiColchon you will find high-quality viscoelastic mattresses at the best price, such as the Tempur material, the original patent for this material conceived at NASA and offers a unique rest with the sensation of floating in the air – a sensation of weightlessness that has revolutionised the world of rest.

Their viscoelastic mattresses are treated with vegetable oils or patented viscoelastic such as Nessen’s Memoryvis®, which makes the mattress much fresher. These memory foams also provide great benefits for your health and help with ailments. Micolchon offer you the best mattresses advised for athletes and for each type of ailments such as lower back pain, scoliosis, spondylitis and hernias.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses have been the most common mattresses over the last few centuries, however, although spring mattresses began to be manufactured in the 17th century, stable cores were not achieved until the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the invention of the conical spring.

Spring mattresses are the most breathable as air circulates freely between their springs every time we move. For this reason, they are the product that transmits the least heat.

Micolchon has a range of spring mattresses to choose from including bonell or biconical springs, continuous thread springs and pocket springs.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

New technology mattresses

New technology mattresses combine springs or viscoelastic with new materials, a product of technological advances that has been applied to rest. Each new material is born to provide certain benefits including mattresses with gel to provide a cooler temperature, mattresses with graphene to help with thermal balance when sleeping, coco fibre mattresses made from pure coconut fibre mixed with 100 per cent natural latex for adaptability and smart mattresses that allow you to customise further.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

HR mattresses

HR mattresses are mattresses made of what we commonly call foam, however, in the world of rest they are technical foams due to their magnificent properties that eliminate the pressure that traditional mattresses can exert on our body.

HR or High Resilience mattresses refer to the High Resilience properties of their materials, that is, flexibility, resistance and cushioning . Resilience is the ability of these foams to recover their initial state after being subjected to pressure. Micolchon has a range of mattresses made from quality HR from the best brands including Eliocel by Relax, Airvex by Flex, Magpur by Magister and Irontex by Nessen.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

Latex mattresses

Buying a latex mattress has not gone out of style! Latex, natural or synthetic, has its fans because of its properties that allow you to create mattresses with different firmness zones depending on the part of your body, differentiating between shoulders, the lower back and legs.

100 per cent latex, or natural latex, comes from the sap of a rubber tree (the Hevea tree), and its properties have revolutionised the rest sector due to its elasticity, adaptability and non-deformability – ideal for use in articulated beds, for example.

In MiColchon, you will find the best latex in the world such as the TALALAY Latex from the Spanish firm Dorwin, which belongs to the Flex group. This latex offers lighter, softer and more adaptable mattresses.

Nessen, however, has several models with latex from LATEXCO, with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, which achieves high-density nuclei and a uniform cell structure through high-pressure injection technology. They are latex mattresses with great durability, rebound and resilience.

best mattress shop fuengirola
Image – Micolchon

Delivery details and options

All orders over €300 receive free shipping and assembly!

The STANDARD delivery service at Micolchon is carried out from Monday to Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national or local holidays.

The delivery period will start counting from the moment your order leaves their facilities. Micolchon will notify you via email when your order leaves the facilities and you will be informed of its status. 

If you are looking for the best furniture shop in Fuengirola, offering comfortable solutions without sacrificing style and taste, speak to the experienced and attentive team at Micolchon about how they can help you.

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