Local organisations rally behind council free school meals initiative

Council representatives renew Torrevieja’s free school meal programme

Torrevieja Town Council has renewed a free school meals scheme for the third time after demand remained high. The council announced the renewal at a meeting on 26th of September.

The initiative was launched during the pandemic in 2020 to ensure that no child was left hungry at school lunchtime due to lack of money. The programme is run by Torrevieja’s council along with the local Rotary Club and organisation AGAMED along with various anonymous benefactors.

The local minister for Education, Ricardo Recuero, reported that the scheme allows authorities to offer 2000 free school meals to around 70 children throughout the academic year. Presenting a meeting to announce the policy, Recuero said that authorities want to continue the programme and hope to be able to respond to the needs of every school that requests support.

Representatives from Torrevieja Rotary Club, AGAMED and a local water company that also sponsored the programme attended the meeting to launch the policy along with the council.