12 Spanish siblings officially break Guinness World Record for oldest combined age


The Guinness World Records confirmed the new holders of a special record on September 29.

The Hernández-Pérez siblings broke the record for the highest combined age of 12 living siblings, with a mega total age of 1058 years, 249 days. The Spanish siblings all live in the town of Moya in Gran Canaria.

The seven sons and five daughters shared Modesto Hernández and Martina Pérez as parents and were all born in Moya between 1924 and 1946, meaning they are now between 98 and 76.

The siblings were recognised by the local council this summer in a ceremony attended by a notary who recorded their age in preparation for their record attempt. The family said in a statement that the record breaking bid began as a joke when the family was gathered in June. Having their record recognised has helped the siblings to develop an even closer bond, with them hoping to bring recognition to their community and heritage.

After confirming the siblings’ age, the Guinness World Records said that the new recordholders surpass the previous Pakistani D’Cruz family’s record by 16 years.

Betty Henderson

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