‘Mediterranean Faces of Science’ exhibition encourages girls’ vocations for science

Photo caption: An exhibition encourages Mediterranean women to develop vocations within scientific fields

A special exhibition opened in Vila Joiosa on October 3. The ‘Mediterranean Faces of Science’ exhibition aims to promote science and technology as career paths for women and girls.

The exhibition forms part of celebrations for the European Night of Research on September 30 and the accompanying scientific outreach programme organised by Vila Joiosa council. The exhibition is being displayed outside the Chalet Centella building.

The exhibition was designed by the Seneca Foundation at the University of Murcia and brought to Vila Joiosa by local organisation El Caleidoscopio for the European Night of Research and science projects. It is hoped that by exhibiting Mediterranean women in broad scientific fields, young women and girls can see a place for themselves in science.

Expert women scientists from all over the Mediterranean make up the exhibition, including Albanian computer scientist Ornela Bardhi, Egyptian geneticist Nagwa Meguid, Moroccan nuclear physicist Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli, Spanish biologist María Blasco, Maltese mathematician Irene Sciriha Aquilina and Croatian linguist Snježana Kordi.

If you aren’t able to get there physically, there is a link to enjoy the exhibition online: https://mednight.eu/mediterranean-faces-of-science/?lang=es