How to protect your pet against seasonal sicknesses

Make sure your pet has a cosy place to sleep during the winter to avoid colds and seasonal respiratory problems

WITH two years of the pandemic behind us, we’re used to taking steps to reduce our own risk of infection, particularly against seasonal sicknesses and colds, but how can we protect our pets? Today, we’re sharing some top tips to help keep your pet healthy during the winter.

Staying warm

Just like humans, cats and dogs feel the chill as weather takes a turn for the worse. Take care not to cut your pet’s fur too short, it’s a necessary form of protection against the elements. In some cases an extra coat is appreciated, but take care not to let them overheat, our four-legged friends can’t regulate their body temperature in the same way we can.

Keep an extra eye on elderly pets, puppies and kittens as they can’t regulate their temperature so well.

General health

The best way to care for your pet’s health is to keep up a healthy routine and diet. Keep up daily exercise, but take extra care in cold or rainy weather. Visit your vet regularly, especially if you’re concerned about sickness.

Daily habits

Observe your pet during the day. Are they spending more time in a warmer part of the house? If so, this could be a sign that you should move their bed to a warmer place.

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