These are the classic cars worth investing in during 2023

The Triumph Spitfire is an attractive model for any classic car lover and is affordable for its classy design and comfortable driving experience

THE classic car market can be difficult to navigate, from valuations to driving experience and insurance, the factors to consider are different than when buying an ordinary car. Today, we bring you some advice directly from a motoring expert to find out the classic cars that are actually worth your investment in 2023.

Audi TT Quattro Sport (2005-2006)

This stylish model combined sports car with comfort and since only 800 models were produced it’s a real collector’s item by now. Retailing between €6000 and €17,000, the model is also affordable within the field.

Triumph Spitfire (1962-1980)

This dashing model charmed car lovers at the time, and continues to do so now. The car remains affordable as a classic car, retailing between €3250 and €32,600, and crucially, repair parts are abundant because the car was in production for so long.

Austin Seven (1923-1939)

Get your fix of British vintage cars with this car, whose first models are set to turn one century old next year. The car was first introduced as an affordable model as England rushed to motorise before the Second World War. They have issues reaching higher speeds and with stability, but its distinctive vintage look makes it a collector’s dream, along with its lower price tag of €10,000- €24,500.