Streets in Manacor are all aglow for a festive decoration contest

Calle Bosch,9 is currently leading in a decoration contest to find the best dressed window display in Manacor

THERE is still time left to vote in Manacor’s festive decoration competition! The council are holding a competition with two different categories to find the best decorations in the town.

This year, the council is running a contest to find the best building decorations, a category which includes shops and businesses as well as several participating residential buildings. Another contest is being held to find the street with the most magical lighting in the town centre.

The building decoration category has 18 delightful entries featuring knitted figures and dazzling displays of lights, but Calle Bosch, 9 currently leads in the polls with nearly 225 votes.

In the street category there are also several exciting displays featuring colour lights, Christmas trees, gifts and unique decorations, but Calle Pedreres Blanques is currently steaming ahead in the votes with more than 300 votes.

The contest is running until 10am on Monday, January 2 when votes will be counted and the winners will receive cash prizes of up to €500. Voting is being held via the council’s Facebook page, where participants ‘vote’ for their favourite entries by liking the pictures.