Almería NIBS: News in Brief from the Almería region

Jo Kershaw and Gwen Williams coordinated a successful gift donation campaign in Arboleas

Community Christmas

Councils in Huercal-Overa and Arboleas thanked locals for gift donation campaigns. ‘Superwomen’ Jo Kershaw and Gwen Williams were named in Arboleas for their festive fundraising, while another local group donated presents to 51 children in 18 different families in Huercal-Overa.

Fancy dress

More than 2000 runners showed off their athletic abilities and incredible climate change-themed fancy dress choices at Almería’s San Silvestre run on Christmas Day. An exciting sprint finish saw Youness Belyamna take the men’s victory and Alejandra Gálvez win the women’s.

Warm wishes

Almería’s Mayor, María del Mar Vázquez brought some festive cheer to local emergency and social services and religious groups with a traditional Christmas Eve visit. She thanked them for their service and wished all service providers success in 2023.

Export excellence

Almería’s ports reported excellent figures in 2022 as the fourth most productive port in Andalucía after Cádiz, Huelva, and Cádiz. Almería’s exports contributed to Andalucía leading national export standings by tonnes of goods during the last year.

Green coast

Authorities in Almería are set to request a further €4 million in funding from the European Union in conjunction with the local university for sustainability projects including creating new parks and gardens in the city and along the coast itself.

Festive flower

Almería has been recognised as one of the biggest national producer of poinsettias, the distinctive red flower popular in homes at Christmas, and Easter in Spain. The region is thought to have grown more than eight million plants this year.