Afeela: The unusual technological collaboration behind Honda’s latest development

Sony and Honda’s joint venture on electric car brand Afeela has reached the next stage, with the first prototype unveiled

THE electric vehicle market is developing rapidly before our very eyes, with new developments announced all the time. One of this week’s most fascinating developments was Japanese brands, Sony and Honda’s reveal of their collaborative design for their first electric car.

After announcing a the joint venture last year, the Tokyo-based brands presented their plans for an all-electric joint brand, called Afeela. The collaboration between the audio brand and car manufacturer is revolutionary for the market, bringing expertise from two industries together to create unique designs.

Presenting the brand to the motoring industry, brand chief executive Yasuhide Mizuno also presented plans for Afeela’s first vehicle, a sedan style model. Mizuno explained that the senses and connecting with people will be a central focus in the production of the vehicle, saying the word “feel” is central to the experience.

The brand is still yet to reveal most of the information about its prototype vehicle, which won’t hit the market until 2026 in most parts of the world. What is known however, is that Afeela are using Unique Engine graphics technology in the development of the vehicle which is set to offer a plethora of entertainment options as well as cameras for the driver and pedestrians outside the vehicle to interact with it.