How to have an environmentally-friendly camping trip

Bring reusable containers when camping to reduce your impact on the environment.

MANY people are turning to camping as a more sustainable alternative to traditional jet-setting holidays, but it’s still important to be mindful of the environment while camping. Today we’re sharing some tips to help you have an environmentally-friendly camping holiday.

Site choice

Choose your campsite with care. Environmental classification on Spanish campsites can be confusing as they vary between autonomous communities. However, many sites receive ratings on a three star system, where three stars signifies compliance with the most current environmental regulations. Other sites have ‘green’ ratings which shows compliance with EU environmental expectations.

Pack lightly

Try to pack only the essentials when camping, this avoids excess waste. Avoid taking disposable kit, instead choose reusable items. If you don’t want to splurge on new equipment, many camping shops offer rental schemes, or you can check out second-hand websites to buy equipment cheaper.


Avoid unnecessary or illegal campfires by only lighting fires in places where you are authorised to do so. Campfires can destroy animal habitats and release polluting emissions, so don’t be a pyromaniac!

Water use

Keep an eye on your water use while camping, when washing up, brushing your teeth, and showering. Try to use ecological soaps to wash dishes and in the shower while camping as they often end up closer to nature than at home!