Kampaña: The recycling campaign that is aiming to revolutionise Almería’s waste management system

Javier Burgada is on a mission to increase recycling in the Almería region with the Kampaña recycling campaign. Photo credit: Javier Fernández Burgada (via Facebook)

ONE Mojácar resident, Javier Burgada is making waves in the world of recycling with his national campaign, Kampaña. Launched in 2019, the initiative has been gaining momentum, spreading awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal and the harmful effects of failing to recycle.

The statistics are alarming. In Spain alone, over eight million tonnes of waste ends up in landfills annually. The impact on the environment is devastating, leading to pollution, depletion of natural resources and excessive greenhouse gas emissions.

Burgada recognised the urgency of the situation and decided to take action. He launched Kampaña to promote recycling as a way of reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Through Kampaña, Burgada is petitioning Almería City Hall and other regional authorities to improve recycling awareness and facilities.

The campaign is set to enter a new phase shortly, where Burgada aims to reach 100,000 people in the region, encouraging them to recycle. The next phase also includes the creation of ‘Ekko Parks’ which would make recycling more attractive through financial incentives.

The campaign has received a positive response, with many people signing the petition: https://www.greenekko.es/kampana-nacional-pro-kontenedor-mru-1-000-000-firmas-ciudadanas/