Store your Solana, Bitcoin and Ethereum – DON’T SELL your crypto based on emotions! Say goodbye to impulsive investment decisions with

Let’s start with a story…

It’s the start of 2015 and Francis has just bought BTC, the crypto everyone is going crazy about. He is happy that he could take his first step in the investment journey.

About 6 months pass-by and he has the following conversation with his colleague, Marc:

Marc says, ‘Bro, did you see? BTC is going down again!’

– ‘No man, was kind of busy. What’s up though?

‘BTC’s price is on a downtrend again, hope you sold it! I do not think this will ever go back up again. It’s just a fad anyway!’

– ‘I actually did buy it, bro. Let me see.’

Francis goes home later that day and sees the BTC price on a downtrend. Panic encapsulates his nervous system as he sees his position in red.

Though he bought BTC after doing thorough research, his perception about the long-term benefit of this investment is now dicy after the conversation with Marc.

Emotions. Fear. The tragedy that is about to take place here!

Francis gave in to his impulses and decided to sell his BTC holdings.

2 years pass by, it is 2017 and he still lives in regret. He could own a Lamborghini but now he owns a roughed-up corolla.

Don’t be like Francis, get yourself!

If you are anything like Francis, you need to get yourself an emotionless companion that keeps you from selling your assets just because you got paranoid.

While your friends or family have emotions that can be influenced, is a locker to store your digital assets with safety and control.

But why Why not others like Yearn Finance and Aave? Because…

Easy Interface

Let’s face it, crypto, in its essence, is a technological advancement of fiat currencies. Hence, if you are not technological or well-versed in using the different web3 applications, making a crypto transaction may just be a little hard for you. That is not the case however with The UI/UX of is designed to be simple and seamless. Using the service is easy and you can deposit, withdraw or set withdrawal and deposit limits in just a few clicks.

Withdrawal Controls

If you are anything like Francis, you can set withdrawal controls on the platform. What this essentially means, is that you can set a parameter that allows you to withdraw the asset only after a certain amount of time has passed. Could be years, weeks, days, all up to you! BUT, do not worry, if there’s an emergency, there are still ways to withdraw your asset. Hence – your asset, your control! But no impulse decisions that lead to losing Lambos like Francis!

Store Multiple Cryptos is not only for BTC. There are a plethora of different cryptocurrencies that you can store in the digital locker,, like, Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, and obviously, Bitcoin!

Also as new coins are launched, expands its base of supported cryptos as well!

Secure your cryptos today! Find out more at:

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