EU to ban gas and diesel boilers in HOMES before deadline – these are the alternatives  

A technician adjusting the temperature on a gas boiler

EU to ban gas and diesel boilers in homes before deadline – these are the alternatives   Image: Alexander-Raths

European Union (EU) has set a date for the end of diesel and gas boilers in residential heating and air conditioning systems. 

In its fight against CO2 emissions, the European Union (EU) has set a date for the end of diesel and gas boilers in residential heating and air conditioning systems.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) claims that heating is responsible for four gigatonnes of CO2 emissions per year, which constitutes about 10% of total global emissions, as per 20Minutes, on Sunday, May 14.

Therefore, the EU recommends that member states introduce a ban on gas boilers from 2028 in new buildings and phase out the use of fossil fuel heating systems in all buildings by 2035. This deadline could also be extended to 2040 if some countries do not manage to achieve this goal by 2035.

As gas and diesel boilers used in the heating and cooling system of homes will get phased out, a few alternatives already available in the market can be used to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions.

These include the following:  

HEAT PUMPS: In heat pump heating systems, the system captures energy from outside and transmits it to the indoor heating system. Electricity consumption is reduced, as it is concentrated only on the activation of the compressor and accessories.

BIOMASS BOILERS: These boilers extract energy for heating and water for sanitary use by burning wood or pellets.

Electric boiler: These boilers use electric heaters, are more powerful. They also do not use gas and cost less than a gas boiler. But they consume a lot of electricity, up to three or four times more than gas boilers. With a solar panel system, the cost can be reduced.

Ionic boiler: This new technology produces thermal energy through ion exchange, but the drawback is that it consumes about 1.5 times more energy than a heat pump.

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    • Stephen Ashley

      15 May 2023 • 17:18

      While a very laudable goal of reducing CO2, including biomass burners in the list of alternatives is crazy. These not only produce vast quantities of CO2, they also emit very health-damaging PM 2.5 particles, and biomass (mostly pulped and reformed sawdust) should NOT be classed as ‘renewable’, since entire forests are being cut down to supply the biomass industry.

      It should also be noted that anyone with a compressor air conditioning unit already has a heat pump. They are a very efficient method of heating as well as cooling.

      • Seth

        16 May 2023 • 04:02

        Biomass is carbon neutral. It is not producing CO2 in the same way that fossil fuels do. Biomass is emitting CO2 that was extracted from the air by trees in the last few decades. It keeps carbon in the ground and so long as you keep planting trees and protecting forests.

    • David Goulty

      15 May 2023 • 17:31

      Let’s hope now we are free of the EU that our government does not follow their idiotic rulings. It’s proved that air source heat pumps provide insufficient heat for radiators and only work for low temperature underfloor heating. Biomass has other health issues as other contributor explains. Stick with natural gas and top up with solar.

    • Roger Miller

      15 May 2023 • 17:32

      The stupidity of the climate useful idiots never ceases to amaze me. By the time the public wakes up they will have wasted billions. Then we all be better living in Senegal.

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