Do You Agree With What These Doctors Say About Covid? Watch This Video And Decide

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A load of American doctors have released a video talking about how they pushed patients in the wrong direction when it came to the Covid 19 vaccination.

It was something that millions of people around the world had waited patiently for months to be released, the Covid vaccine which was said to help restore order and get things back to normal all around the world.

This vaccine was indeed taken up by the majority of people and most of them reported no side effects or any long-lasting impacts on their health, although there were also some fatalities and other things such as passing out and heart attacks being linked to the jab.

It’s perhaps something that will never be able to get proven for definite if the vaccine causes numerous heart attacks and other issues such as footballers who’ve famously collapsed on the pitch, but it certainly got people talking, to say the least.

Covid vaccine questioned once again

As time has gone by more and more people have questioned the legitimacy of the vaccine and how quickly it was discovered and rolled out when something for other deadly illnesses such as cancer and dementia are still nowhere near being a thing.

Now, a group of doctors have formed the ‘Never Again’ campaign which is aimed at professionals within the medical industry to ensure that nothing like the Covid vaccine is easily passed through and given to patients worldwide without genuine practice and tests.

These doctors have admitted that they broke the Hippocratic Oath by supporting the rollout of the vaccine, admitting that they failed their patients which has seen a sharp decline in the trust that many have in the health industry.

Doctors begin to take a stand

Doctor Timothy Stonestifer spoke about the vaccine rollout and he had this to say:

“Over the past three years people have lost trust in the medical system, and rightfully so.

“Many doctors lost sight of our oath to do no harm.”

It’s certainly a hot topic and one that gets people talking all over the world about was it right or wrong to push forward a largely untested vaccination and persuade people to take it up so willingly, some even getting three to four doses of it over the last few years as well.

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    • Wietse Haak

      26 June 2023 • 15:30

      From day one I have said we shouldn’t fall for the “pandamic”. If there wouldn’t have been tv or internet, nobody would have known about “covid”. Now millions of people had the jab with no knowledge of what it is going to bring in the future. Don’t you think it is strange than 4 companies created a “cure” within 28 days, while normally it takes MANY years. Impossible that they could have known the long term effects. It’s criminal what the governments have done to us!

    • Alan Thom

      27 June 2023 • 11:49

      Once again you print an arcticle and fail to name the REAL culprits — the World Economic Forum. Your credibility remains in doubt until you do some GENUINE reporting re what is happening with this organisation. To many media people like you are failing in your duty to the public in not printing THE FACTS about the above org. Its time to GET REAL !!!!

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