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Moving abroad is an incredible adventure, but it’s not without its challenges. The transition from local to expat can be a tough one if you’re going it alone.That’s why many new expats seek out a popular English language newspaper to help them stay connected to their culture and find a likeminded community for help and advice as they settle into their new lives abroad.

In this article, Euro Weekly News will take you on a journey across Europe, exploring the most popular English language newspapers in different countries. From Germany to Sweden to the Netherlands, and Spain, we’ll show you how to tap into the expat scene and make lasting connections. So, let’s dive in.

Germany: A Bridge Between Cultures:

When it comes to expat life in Germany, The Local Germany is your trusted companion. Since its inception in 2008, it has served as a vital bridge between the German news landscape and the English-speaking community. Founded by Paul Rapacioli and James Savage, this gem has grown to become a reliable source of news, covering German politics, business, culture, and more. With a team of experienced journalists, The Local Germany continues to keep expats informed and entertained while fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

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Sweden: A Window to Swedish News:

Hej! If you’re in Sweden, you’re in for a treat. The Local Sweden, part of The Local network, has been your window to Swedish news since 2004. Founded by Paul Rapacioli and James Savage, it was born out of a desire to cater to the growing expat community in Sweden. Over the years, The Local Sweden has become a reliable companion, providing insights into Swedish politics, society, culture, and lifestyle. With its informative and engaging content, it has become a staple for expats looking to stay connected and navigate their Swedish adventure.

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The Netherlands: Your Dutch Connection:

When it comes to the Netherlands, NL Times is the go-to source for English-language news coverage. Established in 2013, this dynamic platform has been keeping expats and international readers informed about Dutch affairs. With comprehensive reporting on politics, business, lifestyle, and cultural events, NL Times offers valuable insights into Dutch society. Whether you’re exploring Amsterdam’s charming canals or biking through the tulip fields, NL Times will ensure you stay connected and never miss a beat.

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Switzerland: Gateway to Swiss Insights:

Ah, Switzerland, the land of stunning landscapes and precision. When it comes to staying connected in this Alpine paradise, look no further than Swissinfo. Originally established in 1935 as the Swiss Shortwave Service, it aimed to provide radio broadcasts to Swiss citizens living abroad. Fast forward to today, Swissinfo has transformed into a multi-platform news outlet, delivering comprehensive coverage of Swiss politics, business, culture, and lifestyle in English. With its strong heritage and commitment to accurate reporting, Swissinfo remains your gateway to Swiss insights.

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Spain: Euro Weekly News – Your Expat Companion:

Now, let’s talk about Spain, the land of sun, siestas, and vibrant expat communities. When it comes to staying connected with the English-speaking community, Euro Weekly News is your ultimate companion. The first edition of Euro Weekly News was published in 2002, though founders Michel and Steven Euesden both have extensive backgrounds in the media and publishing world. In 2019, they celebrated an impressive two decade milestone of producing the most popular English language publication in Spain.

Regarded as the people’s paper, Euro Weekly News is dedicated to serving the expat community by providing comprehensive coverage of local news, events, lifestyle, and everything else that’s important to know for living in Spain. With engaging articles and a vibrant online community, Euro Weekly News keeps you informed, entertained, and connected with like-minded expats.

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