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photo of Donal Trump as a clown

Whether Trump is seen as an obnoxious egoist or a clown, there are enough like-minded fanatics in the USA to support him

Most countries, whether accurately or not, are considered either first world or third, democracies or autocracies, stable or fragile. On all three first points, Norway clearly qualifies and Sudan does not. And many, such as Romania and Malaysia, actually fall in between. But what about the United States?

Millions live in many parts of the USA in third world conditions of crime, ignorance and poverty, but the country has unparalleled wealth and privilege in other areas. It has a written democratic constitution, the world´s largest economy and military power. It is a leader in scientific research and innovation. It proclaims itself the guardian of the free world and has millions of talented, responsible citizens. But how stable is it within?

We know that in 2020, 74 million people voted for Trump to continue as their President. This was despite the fact that, during his four-year term, the USA had become a laughing stock. It was clear that Trump´s egoism bordered on insanity, the he was immature, psychologically challenged and dangerously lacking in judgement.

So, what was the legacy of his presidency? On the domestic front he tried to interfere with the authority of the Supreme Court as well as the freedom of the media, the electoral process, free trade, Obamacare and social harmony. On the international stage he withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and denigrated United Nations, NATO and the World Health Organisation.

And, since his removal from office, he has appeared or will appear in court charged with inciting a riot, stealing classified documents, undermining the democratic vote, attempting to steal votes in Georgia, and probably tax evasion and sex offences. Yet, even if he were in jail while a candidate, millions have said they would vote for him. To persuade them otherwise would be like trying to teach a pig to walk on its hind legs.

Subsequent interviews with his supporters reveal a frightening disregard for reality. They would accept him as President even if he were caught on video setting fire to the Oval Office. They might as well be voting for somebody to host a pop concert rather than the leader of their country. Even those who don´t believe Trump´s lies and bizarre rants, would support him. These supporters are as much a threat to democratic stability as Trump himself.

But, more astonishing is the attitude of Republican politicians in Congress including the Senate. Although some have finally realised the gravity of the situation, others still regard Trump as fit for another four years as their President. It buggers (sic) belief.

Perhaps, to millions of citizens, he has a perverted kind of charisma. Personally, I find him repetitively boring every time he speaks. It seems that the millions of his supporters are as deluded as he is, and this is worrying for a nation with so much power and influence.

trump as a clown

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David Worboys

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    • Julio Tapia Yagües.

      05 September 2023 • 19:37

      Me gustan tus artículos, David. Especialmente aquel de “Tengo un serio problema”, reciente. Cómo has contrastado las pequeñas frustraciones que, a diario, nos hacen enojarnos por tonterías, mientras más de medio mundo no tiene coche, electricidad, incluso ni agua potable cercana para beber. Justamente llevo 31 años viajando a Etiopía, Somalia, Marruecos, y los últimos 15 años cooperando con Mali. Proyectos de agua. http://www.ayuda-africa.org Somos voluntarios.
      I like your articles, David. Especially the recent “I have a serious problem” one. How you have contrasted the small frustrations that, on a daily basis, make us get angry about silly things, while more than half the world has no car, no electricity, not even drinking water nearby. I have spent 31 years travelling to Ethiopia, Somalia, Morocco, and the last 15 years cooperating with Mali. Water projects. http://www.ayuda-africa.org We are volunteers.

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