Spain’s Growing Road Menace

Wild Boar Accidents On The Increase In Spain

Image of wild boar crossing road. Credit: Zoltan Major/

The escalating issue of wild boars on Spanish roads, particularly in regions like Catalonia and Galicia, has been causing a considerable number of accidents, raising questions about road safety and animal control.

In Catalonia, the Servei Catala de Transit has highlighted the severity of the situation, revealing that wild boars have been the cause of a significant number of accidents.

The Mossos disclosed that the region experienced around 15 accidents daily last year, contributing to a national total of 6,000 accidents, marking a rise of over 30 per cent, according to OK Diario.

Peak Hours For Accidents

The majority of these incidents typically happen after 6:00 pm, the time when wild boars are most likely to cross roads. Certain areas in Catalonia, such as Central Catalonia, the Pirineu, and Terres de Ponente, are more prone to these accidents, witnessing a higher frequency of such occurrences.

A Challenging Situation In Galicia

Similarly, Galicia, and especially the province of Lugo, is grappling with this issue. Of the 13,000 traffic accidents reported, about 4,000 were attributed to wild boars, resulting not just in property damage but also in serious, sometimes tragic, consequences.

Exploring Potential Solutions

Addressing the wild boar problem is no easy task. Authorities have experimented with various strategies, including ultrasonic emissions and spreading synthetic wolf urine, with limited effectiveness. Fences have proven to be more reliable, but the considerable destructive capabilities of these animals make this solution challenging.

Increased Risk On Secondary Roads

Interestingly, a large number of these incidents take place on secondary roads, where wild boars tend to roam more freely. Despite ongoing efforts to curb this issue, a comprehensive and effective solution still seems out of reach, and the number of accidents continues to rise annually.

The escalating issue of wild boars on Spain’s roads is a growing concern. In a time of increased sensitivity towards animals, witnessing a continuous rise in accidents is distressing. While enclosing all roads with fences is a daunting proposition, alternative measures have yet to prove their effectiveness.

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