First-Ever Climate Supercomputer Predicts Likely Human Extinction

Supercomputer predicts bleak future for humans

Extreme global warming is likely to wipe out all mammals – including humans – in 250 million years, according to a brand new first-ever scientific study.

It has been reported that temperatures on Earth could skyrocket to around 70C (185F) which would ultimately transform the planet from what we know it to be like now, into a ‘hostile environment devoid of food and water’, the researcher who conducted this study has warned everyone.

If this study is to come true, then it would mean Earth’s temperature would simply become too hot for mammals to live and would no longer be able to survive as we/they all do now, but that is not all that would change.

There would also be a form of continental drift and all of the continents would eventually merge together due to the changes which would mean the world would just become one major continent that was a hot, dry and uninhabitable supercontinent.

Supercomputer Predicts Human Extinction

These damning and frankly, quite scary predictions, come from the first-ever supercomputer climate model which is used to look into the future using scientific data and analysis.

This supercomputer has predicted that the sun will drastically become brighter due to tectonic movements which would then see an increased amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the air via several volcanic eruptions, whcih is a natural disaster that always shakes the world when a major one occurs.

Due to this change in the sun and climate shock, the Earth would reportedly become incredibly hot and just 8-16% of the ‘supercontinent’ would be habitable, making life on Earth extremely difficult for mammals.

Humans are said to be more adapt to living in cooler conditions – which is why Earth is perfect for billions of people – so this extreme heat which could be coming in the future should send alarm bells ringing.

Global Warming Will Not Hold Back

The study was led by Dr. Alexander Farnsworth of the University of Bristol and he said: “The newly emerged supercontinent would effectively create a triple whammy, comprising the continentality effect, hotter sun and more CO2 in the atmosphere, of increasing heat for much of the planet.

“The result is a mostly hostile environment devoid of food and water sources for mammals. Widespread temperatures of between 40C to 50C, and even greater daily extremes, compounded by high levels of humidity would ultimately seal our fate.

“Humans – along with many other species – would expire due to their inability to shed this heat through sweat, cooling their bodies.”

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