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As France debates the possibility of granting second home owners who hold non-EU passports the right to a special visa allowing them to spend 180 days continuously in France, second home owners in Spain are taking heart from a report that the Spanish caretaker Minister of Tourism favours something similar.

In an article on the Euro Weekly News web site which has received 10s of thousands of views, the concept of what is being considered is explained and a condensed version also appeared in edition 2002 of the paper editions.

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Toni Eastwood Obe

Absolutely  that or not charge us local taxes for the months we are not allowed to be there – can’t have it both ways!!!

Andy Solomons

Allowing second home owners to spend six months at a time would be a benefit to all. People would be more likely to buy property to winter in if they could do so unrestricted.

It’s not really a change in the amount of time they could spend here, just a movement of when. It would still be six months a year as it is now.

Bryan Colling

I suggest it may be illegal to be charged for services you are not legally allowed to use

Joe Ace

Spain is in a right sad and sorry state. High unemployment, especially mega high youth unemployment of about 25% and wages are notoriously low. Cobblers to them, they are causing their own problems, it’s hilarious

Vera Nilsson

Well , that’s Brexit . You voted out , but still want to be in ?

Kevin Burns

90 day rule is killing Brit tourism, people now going to other destinations as getting complicated here in Spain, I’ve been here 35 years in business , I couldn’t believe Brexit the damage it’s done and doing, the vote was a disgrace as Brits were totally misinformed and now paying the price of freedom, a majority vote would have been more realistic for such an important decision. I would love to see a re-vote as out of interest all the tourists I’ve asked would definitely vote different. Spanish economic dependence is hugely affected by tourism, someone get their act together.

Jan Kowalski

Stays over 90 days are outside the purview of the Schengen Agreement. It is up to each Schengen member state to decide whom to allow to stay for over 90 days on the basis of their national law. Nothing in the Schengen Agreement forbids France and Spain to allow British citizens to stay longer than 90 days. Spain could, for example, create a simplified procedure for British citizens to get a Spanish national visa which would allow them to stay for over 90 days in Spain.

Margaret Atkins

Second home owners have invested in the country and even while they are not in their second home using resources, they continue to pay – council tax, imputed tax (on imputed income should you rent your home even if you don’t), standing charges on utilities which are not being consumed, service charges on any urbanisation or resort the second home might happen to be located on. lt is outrageous to lump second home owners in with tourists and l hope the Spanish government/EU sees sense soon!!

Keith Lott        

Unfortunately many people in the UK wanted to exit the EU. They were fed misleading information about many aspects of this. I agree with the idea to change to 180 days but at the same time it smacks of that ‘ special treatment ‘ that the UK seemed to be constantly pushing for when they were members of the EU.. 180 days, yes, after that don’t try for anything more is my view. The UK left and it has to get over many things that will change over time..


This is an ok idea for the retired …People who work don’t come anywhere near the 90 day rule …Who has 90 days holiday anyway ??

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