DGT warns drivers using Italian licence plate trick

Licence plate mod to evade DGT

Spanish licence plate. Credit: Vladimir1984/Sutterstock.com

A new method of evading capture by road cameras has gone viral in Italy, but drivers in Spain have been warned they will face heavy fines.

The latest motoring trend from Italy that is taking social media by storm might soon hit Spanish roads in 2024.

However, be warned – what might seem like a clever trick across the border can land you hefty fines and penalties in Spain.

Italian innovation: Anti-radar stickers

The deceptive Italian idea involves fixing a sticker onto the vehicle’s number plate. The sticker mirrors the shape and size of the alphanumeric digits on the plate, making it look like like a regular license plate.

The key however is that the sticker has a reflective material that is activated once the radar flashes once it detects speeding.

At that moment, the alphanumeric code on the plate becomes invisible. It’s worth noting that modern radars equipped with infrared lights can still detect license plates using this method.

Strict consequences in Spain

In Spain, authorities take a tough stance on these practices due to their potential to jeopardise road safety.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) classifies this as a grave violation of traffic laws, imposing a staggering €6,000 fine and a six-point deduction from the offender’s driving licence.

Recent licence plate deception

The DGT frequently shares cases of such illegal practices on its social media platforms. A recent incident in Sevilla involved a motorist who was stopped by the Guardia Civil for speeding.

Upon inspection, they uncovered a mechanism used to conceal the license plate when passing by speed cameras.

The motorcyclist apprehended by the Traffic Detachment of the Civil Guard in Lora del Rio used a manual activation mechanism to lower and tilt the license plate, so when the radar snapped a photograph, the license plate was hidden from view.

While anti-radar stickers might be the latest craze in Italy, Spanish authorities are determined to keep their roads safe, a timely reminder for those who attempt to outsmart the radar cameras in Spain.

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