New rules for electric scooters now in force

Spain's new scooter legislation

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From Monday, January 22, a new era begins for electric scooter enthusiasts. But what exactly does this mean for the future of urban mobility?

As of January 22, electric scooters sold in Spain must possess a certification to legally operate on the streets.

This move by the DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic) aims to uphold minimum safety and quality standards. Notably, scooters sold before this date can still be used without certification until January 22, 2027.

Key features for certification

What does it take for a scooter to be certified? First and foremost, they must have a speed indicator and two independent brakes.

These scooters, defined as Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs), are single-seat, wheel-based transports powered solely by electric motors.

Their maximum speed is capped between 6 and 25 km/h. If the scooter is fitted with a seat or saddle, it must also have a self-balancing system.

Speed control is crucial. The scooter’s motor will cease to propel the vehicle once it reaches 25 km/h. Additionally, an anti-tampering system is mandatory, preventing any modifications to increase speed.

Visibility and safety are enhanced with required indicators for speed and battery level. Reflectors are a must: white at the front, white or auto-yellow on the sides, and red at the rear. The brake light should be distinct or combined with the rear light.

Additional specifications for service scooters

Scooters intended for goods transport or other services require additional features. These include front and rear turn signals, rear-view mirrors, and a reversing assistance. An acoustic warning device is mandatory, with a specific reversing warning for service scooters.

Stability is ensured for scooters with less than three wheels by requiring a side or centre stand. This prevents them from toppling over in public spaces.

Furthermore, there is a stipulation for minimum wheel diameter, and tyres which must have tread for  better traction.

Road usage and compliance

Scooters are not permitted on crossroads, interurban roads, highways, or through urban tunnels. pavement usage in cities is also prohibited. As recognised vehicles, their drivers must adhere to all traffic regulations.

Identifying certified scooters

How can one tell if a scooter is certified? It should display a unique, permanent, and legible factory marking. This includes maximum speed, serial or identification number, certificate number, year of manufacture, make, and model.

For those considering purchasing a PMV, the DGT advises checking their website for a list of certified brands and models.

In a world where safety and regulation are paramount, these new rules for electric scooters mark a significant step in ensuring a safer, more regulated urban transport landscape.

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John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.


    • Nigel Frape

      24 January 2024 • 15:16

      Can someone please provide the definition of interurban roads, highways and urban tunnels here in Spain?

    • Malcolm Webb

      24 January 2024 • 21:27

      In answer toNigel
      Common Sense would suggest all out of town roads (from one towns suburbs to another)
      Highways are all Main roads and motorways
      And Irban tunnels are tunnels in suburban areas
      Think city limits
      But it is Sain soaybe left vague. To allow the court to decide at a prosecution after an accident

    • Jean Higgins

      26 January 2024 • 19:43

      So all these rules that are being put in place so does this mean you’ll be paying for road tax next and all that a car has to pay for to be on the road 🤔

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